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Themes and Deadlines


Would you like to contribute? Insights Magazine encourages the submission of articles that bear directly on neuroscience theory and issues and the application of neuroscience in business practice. Read the Submission Guidelines.

Past and Upcoming Issues

#30 Branded Content
#31 Nudge
#32 Retail
#33 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
#34 Memory
#35 Neuromarketing Methods
#36 The Brain on Purpose
#37 Neuromarketing in B2B
#38 Engagement
#39 Opening the Neuromarketing Black Box
#40 Decision-making (coming up next!)

Coming up: #41 Loyalty (deadline for submissions February 28, 2023)
Insights magazine no. 41 will cover recent research, and best practices on the brain processes behind loyalty. How is loyalty related to the reward system? What are the biological factors influencing retention? Is there a link with consumer habits? Would you like to submit? Have a look at the submission guidelines.

2023 Themes 

#41 Loyalty - deadline for submissions: February 28, 2023
#42 Research Design - deadline for submissions: June 15, 2023
#43 Instore communication - deadline for submissions: September 15, 2023
#44 Risks & Rewards - deadline for submissions: December 15, 2023

Suggestions for themes can be emailed to office@nmsba.com