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Themes & Deadlines


Would you like to contribute? Insights magazine encourages the submission of articles that bear directly on neuroscience theory and issues and the application of neuroscience in business practice. Find out about past and upcoming themes and submission deadlines here. Download the submission guidelines and send your article to insights@nmsba.com.   

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Past and Upcoming Issues

#30 Branded Content
#31 Nudge
#32 Retail
#33 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
#34 Memory
#35 Neuromarketing Methods
#36 The Brain on Purpose
#37 Neuromarketing in B2B
#38 Engagement - deadline for submissions: April 1, 2022
#39 Validity - deadline for submissions: June 1, 2022
#40 Decision making - deadline for submissions: September 15, 2022
#41 Loyalty - deadline for submissions: November 15, 2022