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Neuromarketing Yearbook - Science Section

Submission of Scientific Research to be published in the Neuromarketing Yearbook 2017

Please send out the information below to submit your contribution to the scientific section of the 2017 Neuromarketing Yearbook. This section only includes summaries of earlier peer-reviewed published material.

Note: the research should already be published in a peer reviewed journal. Full reference of this publication will be included in the yearbook.

1. Problem Description

(maximum of 200 words divided into two paragraphs)

• What is the topic of research?
• What is the reason behind your choice of topic?
• Main underlying purpose?

2. Approach

(maximum of 300 words divided into no more than three paragraphs and with restricted technical detail)

• Explain why the specific approach was selected
• How the research set-up was organized
• Hypothesis or formulated research question

3. Results 

(maximum of 300 words divided into three paragraphs)

What was the outcome of the research?

4. Conclusions 

(maximum of 100 words)

Imagine yourself as the reader; as a market researcher, marketeer or business leader, what general outcomes or conclusions can be derived from the research

5. Final Thoughts

(optional, maximum of 100 words)

Perhaps you have suggestions for further research, a personal idea on the consequences for business or marketing, or just a quote that summarizes your case

Put all of the above in a plain Word file and send it via email to together with:
  • Topic of research or suggested title
  • Full reference of your peer published publication the contribution is about
  • Any high-res images that clarify your work
  • Contact details that can be published with your contribution, in the following format
       - organization name
       - country
       - website
       - contact person
       - email address
  • A copy of the text below as a confirmation that your work is yours and available for publication:
By submitting this work, I confirm that I'm duly authorized to submit this information and commit it for publication in the NMSBA's Neuromarketing Yearbook 2017
DEADLINE: December 15, 2016
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