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INsights (quarterly)

INsights is the only publication in the world that is covering consumer neuroscience, applied in business.

Editorial Board

The editorial board is headed by Femke van Zandvoort and consists of the following individuals: Fabio Babiloni, Neale Martin, Steve Genco, Ana Iorga, Anna Thomas, Leon Zurawicki and Anil V. Pillai. Learn more ยป

INsights #19

Theme: 'Trust'

  • Building Brand Trust

  • Guest column: Roger Dooley on '5 ways to build digital trust'

  • Case Study: Trust Relationships in the Insurance Industry

  • How to Measure Trust in an Ad

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Insights is the only publication in the world dedicated consumer neuroscience in business. You can find the upcoming themes and planning below. 

Past and Upcoming Issues

#16 Packaging (June 2016)

#17 Online Shopping (September 2016)

#18 Consumer Senses (December 2016)

#19 Trust (April 2017)

#20 Consumer Experience – released July 2017

#21 Segmentation – deadline for submissions August 18, 2017

#22 Leisure, Hospitality and Tourism – deadline for submissions November 10, 2017

#23 Emotional Marketing – deadline for submissions March 10, 2018

#24 Attention – deadline for submissions June 10, 2018

#25 Brain on Media – deadline for submissions Sept 10, 2018

#26 Branding – deadline for submissions Dec 10, 2018

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